BE YEW – Mind, Body and Spirit Wellbeing Programme 2019

No “New Year, New Me” Nonsense! 

Give yourself a realistic plan for achieving goals this year…

As we set off into 2019, many of us are looking at ways to make lifestyle improvements, setting new intentions and resolutions. Here at Be Yew, our 2019 resolution is to promote mind, body and spiritual wellbeing in simple, easy to follow ways. 

It’s all well and good setting the best intentions for ourselves come the 1st January. Many of us strive to lose weight, exercise more, stress less, eat better, the list goes on. But without having a realistic and manageable plan in place, many of those intentions fall by the wayside come February. 

Personally, I set my intentions for 2019 on preparing for a journey to Peru’s most sacred mountain, Apu Ausangate, with the indigenous Q’ero community there. It’s a 15 day journey in total, ending with a sacred traditional ceremony. I was all set to start my fitness regime, healthy diet and daily hours in meditation come January 1st. That gave me exactly nine months until the last day of the retreat, a perfect gestation period for personal development. Instead, I was hit with debilitating headaches, extreme tiredness and basically resolved myself to being a hermit until the fog lifted. On an energetic level, I was processing. I was receiving flashbacks to instances in the past which I apparently hadn’t resolved and needed to deal with. 


I was being tested greatly, as I had the best intention to release my programme of retreats and activities for 2019 in the first week of January, but also needed to just be in my own space. Frustration and helplessness followed, and I succumbed to sitting in that energy space and working through it, inch by painstakingly small inch. It was an intentional part of the process. I knew that I needed to release any old emotions or energies before I could move forward. I consoled myself with the fact that the New Moon on the 6th was the real energetic start of 2019, and I was still, somehow on course. The old truth rings strongly through

“Before you begin to heal others, you must first heal yourself.” 

I do believe that we are forgers of our own path. And as forgers of an unique, individual path, we must have patience and understanding that all happens when it should, we are always moving at a pace which is right for us. That is why I am sure that today is no better day to start the new year! So Happy New Year everyone, and there is no better time than today to introduce my programme concept I put together to:

Reconnect with Nature

Exercise our Body and Mind

Promote self-care, wellbeing and a sense of community

Connect into the story of our land, by visiting ancient archeological sites of historical and ceremonial importance on a physical and energetic level.

This programme is elective, broken down into separate events and activities, ranging from walks to short-workshops, to day programmes, to weekend retreats which are running at different stages throughout the year. 

You can join in at whatever stage you like, to which ever activities you choose. 

Please take note that most activities require pre-registration. For all activities, group sizes are small, therefore places are limited. 


The BE YEW calendar is cyclic, and is based around the lunar calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar. This means that the first half of the months activities will be about growing ideas, energy and placing fresh intentions, and the second half of the month will be a time of releasing old patterns and that which no longer serves us energetically. This reflects the waxing and waning aspects of the lunar cycle. We will also take into account the ancient symbolism in each moon, given by Native American elders in the past.

The January Wolf Moon 

The Wolf is a symbol of clan and community. This is a time to form a community or to stay close and support those within your own community. The dark months of winter can be a challenging time, even for the strong. The days are short, the festivities have ended, Christmas lights are packed away and we are thrown into what seems at time to be a world of darkness. In the past, this would have been a time of food scarcity. It’s a time when health issues take a toll, brought on by extreme weather and, no doubt, the depression that comes with the long winter months. 

During this period, we are reminded to take care of one another and to offer our support where needed. It is a time to call into elderly neighbours, a time to offer a hand to charities who may be short staffed. It is a time to invite an isolated co-worker for coffee with your other colleagues and a time to take stock of the positives in our lives. 

Take Your Time

According to the Celtic calendar, we are still in the period of the winter solstice. We are still releasing and letting go of past energy and emotions. Be compassionate towards yourself. I feel that sometimes the New Year is a misplaced, and puts so much pressure on us to make changes when, energetically, we are still in a time of retrospection and rest. Take your time. Set your intentions for a time that begins when it is right for you. Take small steps. Better to take small steps towards a greater goal, than one huge, misguided step into a hole, only to give up and become disheartened. 

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Grianan of Aileach, Donegal, Ireland
Grianan of Aileach, Donegal, Ireland

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